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Biology Labs – Experiments for Middle School


This is a book containing 34 classic labs to complete as part of Biology from the ages 11-16.

Each lab is accompanied by a worksheet for students to complete during and after the experiment.

It is fully editable and contains the master PowerPoint and a PDF for easy printing.



The labs included are:

  1. Microscopes: Cheek Cells
  2. Microscopes: Onion Cells
  3. Effect of Exercise: Pulse Rate
  4. Effect of Exercise: Breathing Rate
  5. Lung Capacity
  6. Model Lungs
  7. Respiration in Yeast
  8. Muscle Strength
  9. Chicken Wing Dissection
  10. Energy in Food
  11. Enzymes & Digestion
  12. Enzymes: Concentration
  13. Enzymes: pH
  14. Enzymes: Temperature
  15. Making Poo
  16. Making Yoghurt
  17. Food Testing
  18. Starch in Plants: Variegated Leaves
  19. Starch in Plants: Presence of Light
  20. Photosynthesis: Light Intensity
  21. Reaction Time
  22. Homeostasis: Sweating
  23. Diffusion: Temperature
  24. Diffusion: Surface Area #1
  25. Diffusion: Surface Area #2
  26. Osmosis: Potato
  27. Osmosis: Onion
  28. Flower Dissection
  29. Seed Dispersal
  30. Gemination
  31. DNA in Kiwi
  32. Class Variation: Shoe Size & Hand Span
  33. Speckled Moths
  34. Natural Selection

For the editable version, the fonts will not display unless they are downloaded onto your computer. The ones used in the original are by Kevin and Amanda and titled Little Piggys Ice Cream. I have also included an editable PPT with Century Gothic as the font.


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